Ten Great Post-Punk Songs

After the demise of Britain’s Punk explosion in 1976-77, bands who were influenced by Punk, or had started out as Punk bands, began making music that was more intelligent, experimental, and musically sophisticated than Punk. They successfully incorporated traditional rock music structures with a wide variety of underground sounds that were emerging in the British music scene of that era, creating music that was atmospheric, darker than “classic” rock, and highly introspective and introverted, but without sounding too experimental or obscure. Most Post-Punk bands experimented with sounds and lyrical structures but never lost their pop sense, so their music is extremely listenable, but at the same time there’s a veritable feast of amazingly new and cool elements to their music that set them apart from the rock & roll that came before them.

It was an exciting era for rock music, and while most of the best Post-Punk bands did not enjoy wide appeal or huge commercial success, their music was massively influential for what would be later known as “Alternative” rock.


1. The Chameleons – Up the Down Escalator (1983)

2. The Sound – Skeletons (1983) 

3. Joy Division – Shadowplay (1979)

4. Comsat Angels – Independence Day (1981)

5. Killing Joke – Wardance (1980)

6. PiL – Public Image (1979)

7. The Cure – Play for Today (1981)


8. Echo & the Bunnymen – Do it Clean (1980)

9. Sad Lovers & Giants – Imagination (1981)

10. The Damned – Life Goes On (1983)