Unpatriotic Games

The American right wing has always been crazy, malevolent, sleazy, and irrational, but what we’ve learned during this freeing of American POW Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl is that, no matter how completely nuts we thought the right wing was, it has elevated its madness to a magnitude we thought unreachable even by the craziest of crazy.

Don’t even bother discussing the facts surrounding Bergdahl’s capture, whether he deserted or not, or how many soldiers (or not) allegedly died trying to rescue him, because if the right wing ignores glaringly obvious and true facts during its bull in the china shop rampages on our American democracy, why do we bother fact checking the moronic right who shows little regard for facts in the first place, knowingly, and without a hint of regret or contrition for these facts it so blithely ignores to create its phony narratives? Let’s just call the right wing crazy liars and move on. Trying to make reasonable arguments with irrational, crazy, and myopic people is pointless any more.

For the American right wing, Obama cannot win a single public relations victory. He must be called a failure, traitor, un-American, and any other pejorative they can muster, moreover he be must be castigated relentlessly whether he’s done good or bad deeds. There can be no positives with regards to his actions as President in the eyes of the American right wing. Meanwhile poor, hapless pawns like SGT Bowe Bergdahl suffer public lynchings of their character and actions well before they’ve been granted due process, all because these poor bastards like Bergdahl made the horrible mistake of having some sort of connection to President Obama or his actions.

Screw the right wing. I say we just ignore its unpatriotic games and continue to do what’s right for America despite their insane obstructionist tactics and unrelenting negative PR campaign against Obama.

Whatever SGT Bow Bergdahl did, he didn’t deserve this public lynching; he deserves due process, not to be thrown to the drooling mob as he’s been this past week since his release from Taliban captivity. Perhaps he did desert his post. So what? He was still an American POW who deserved to be rescued by any means necessary to get him home. Even a piece of shit soldier serving in an American uniform deserves to be part of the “never leave a man behind” ethos we’ve extolled for generations. There are no exceptions. Screw the right wing for spitting on this time-honored military ethos for its own weird, malevolent, and insane political narrative in, once again, denying Obama any sort of positive PR. Most of the babbling right-wing media dirtbags have never been fit to serve fries at Burger King, let alone in the uniform of the American military. These people are despicable shitbags by every reasonable measure.

Fuck them all.

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