Roar, Damnit, Roar!

If the American people could truly, and rationally, understand the depth of depravity and corruption at the heart of our political and economic system nowadays…what would we do?

Because it’s much worse than many of us even want to believe, and it’s at every level of our government and business world. Government is not the only problem, because as the financial crisis of 2008 proved, even our corporate elite are grifters and film-flam artists out to fleece us of whatever wealth we have. But they got government, totally in their pocket, to bail them out of their abject failure (the chief economic advisors/cabinet members for Bush AND Obama were once CEOs of Goldman Sachs!) We, the people, are not so lucky when the banks foreclose our houses or our bosses hand us pink slips. We’re on our own even though we pay more in taxes as a percentage of our wealth than the wealthiest do, especially wealthy corporations.

Today’s social climate is a tough place for political commentary, if only for all the nasty fighting it induces with people of differing ideological views. Each side wants to place blame on the other; no one likes to be wrong, so discussion reaches a shouting impasse as one or the other side refuses to view the facts, but instead wallows in emotional attachment to beliefs long ago proven wrong, or bad. People can barely discuss the weather without some sort of ideological screaming match.

I say, our national motto is E Pluribus Unum, Latin for From Many, One. So, in reality, we’re all to blame in many ways.

We can either be the sheep or the lion in today’s corrupt, anti-democratic, abject failure of a culture that is the United States of America. Sadly, far too many of us can barely speak to each other, blinded by our bad ideological, religious, and philosophical beliefs. Only one thing should bind us together, and it’s not religion, ideology or even philosophy; it’s our Constitution and what this brilliant social contract requires of us, the citizenry. In that we are all failing to some degree, if I may be honest.

Roar, you lions. Roar.

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