Hillary for President 2016

HillaryAs much as I adore what Bernie Sanders is fighting hard to promote in his Social-Democrat stance, ethos, and governing positions, all of which are extremely congruent with my own belief system, what I, a lifelong Democrat, want more than anything is people in power who reflect my core beliefs and who can lead; President Obama brought executive power back to my party and it will be hard for my party to lose it if Hillary can step up and campaign well. I have often disagreed with Hillary, and I think she lacks the political acumen of Obama and her husband, but this brilliant, strong, motivated woman can lead and govern better than the rest of the clown-car buffoons running in the GOP, and, painful as this is going to be to express, better than Bernie, for whom I have been a huge fan for two decades as a statesman and Senator, but who I feel won’t have the political consensus Hillary can garner with her more centrist views.

However, I do want Bernie’s campaign to challenge Hillary and move her closer to the left of middle than to the right or along it. I think Bernie reminds all Democrats that the core beliefs we hold closest to our hearts require Social-Democratic solutions instead of the dog-eat-dog, ridiculously nihilistic libertarian dung heap promoted by the far right. We don’t see the masses of poor as parasites, we see them as the victims of a massive failure of our elites to lead our citizens and uplift them all. We have failed the poor if we allow the huge gap between rich and poor to continue. Blaming the poor for being poor is the domain of ignorant, mean, petty, and vicious barbarians. So I applaud Bernie’s position on this and hope he can bring Hillary’s campaign home to roost on this and other vital, necessary, Liberal social issues and political positions.

Hillary has been the subject of vicious, nasty, largely unwarranted right-wing witch hunts (Whitewater, Benghazi, email-gate, blah, blah, blah) since she first promoted universal health care when Bill was President, and yet, always, she’s handled it all with grace and class. She is not perfect and I freely admit I supported Obama over her in 2008, but in 2016, given the field of candidates we have, Hillary is far and above the only one I believe can be our next President and not lead the country to ruin and chaotic, divisive madness. She, like Obama, will face a Congress largely peopled with lunatic fringe morons who will adamantly vanquish any attempts she makes to govern through legislation, but she, like Obama, will check the power of these idiots to do our country great harm with their legislative power. Check and balance met, the true brilliance of democracy in action.

Hillary in 2016.

[Commenters, if you want to express your views, do it on your own damn online forums. I’m not going to tolerate a bunch of babbling on mine. This is my space, and if you want to babble your political views contrary to mine, do it on your own blog or Facebook our whatever. I’m not really up for a debate with people for whom I largely don’t give a damn what they think. Everyone has a right to his or her opinion, and I have the right to not give too much care what all those opinions are, especially if they are expressed ineloquently and without a shard of factual proof or logical and reasonable thought.]