The Best President in My Lifetime

He’s also the greatest orator of his generation. For eight years the scumbags at FOX News and other right-wing media outlets have desperately, furiously, tried to besmirch this man with the worst invectives and pejoratives imaginable, plus flinging wildly all the false accusations about his religion and citizenship, and all the other specious and viciously racist innuendos, moreover he faced all the illogical obstructionism by the Republicans in Congress to block his progressive agenda, despite the fact what he did get passed actually worked brilliantly; despite all this vile opposition, this great man, this honest, moral, and brilliant President, stood above that madness and led with great conscience and decency, with grace and class, and not once did he sink to the petty viciousness of his rabid detractors on the right.

History is going to remember Barack Obama as one of the greatest Presidents the USA has ever had. I am proud to have supported him since he announced his candidacy in 2007. I have been behind him 100% all the years since. I am proud of my support, proud of his service to his country, and proud of what he accomplished despite the vicious opposition he faced. We will miss this great man once his service has ended.

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