Trump Doom Step 1: Gut the EPA


Myron Ebell isn’t a scientist, but oh how this cocksucker pretends to be one while denying global warming. Unlike the 99% of scientists who’ve studied the climate using scientific method, this twat just makes shit up to “back” his sophistry.

You elected Trump, white uneducated working-class moron male America, and so begins the wholesale dismantling and gutting of the Federal regulatory system that protects you, your families, and your communities, not that many of you low-intelligence retards even comprehend or accept the science of global warming.

But we elitist liberal intellectuals accept what 99% of all scientists studying the climate have reported, that Earth’s climate is warming rapidly and it’s caused by man-made pollutants, thus we know how tragic our future will be in light of learning Trump hired Myron Ebell, one of the biggest loudmouthed climate skeptics who sings his sophistry for his supper at the Competitive Enterprise Institute, to lead Trump’s EPA transition team. It’s like hiring someone allergic to milk to be the chief dairy taster.

Thank you for showing your hand on how you’re going to fuck the American people so soon after you’re elected, Donnie. Goodbye EPA. Trump voters, your kids will be gulping lead-laden water in Gooberville, Ohio sooner than you can say, “lock her up,” you ignorant morons. Clean Air and Clean Water Acts? Buh-bye! The energy industry cannot wait to start dumping fracking chemicals in your well systems, and since none of you will have health insurance starting next year (bye-bye Affordable Health Care Act!), good luck getting the cancer treated that your child contracts from the teeming bubbling filth leaching in your yard from a toxic dump site next door. I’m sure none of you considered any of this before you voted for Trump, because, as I suspect, you’re all fucking clueless morons. And yet here’s Exhibit A of how Trump’s going to fuck us all. Go, Myron! Set us back 100 years to the age when industries dumped everything vile imaginable into our air and water! Make America great again!

I will use lots of vulgar pejoratives and salty language in my opposition to Generalissimo Trump’s wholesale, cynical, and utterly destructive gutting of our government. Get used to it. I refuse to be civil in the face of the wanton thievery, malfeasance, and utter destructiveness of Trump and his gaggle of vile minions like Newt “Fat Cocksucker” Gingrich, Slobbering Weasel Rudy Giuliani, and Ten-Ton Tubbo Chris Christie, he who is one tablespoon of mayonnaise away from a massive coronary, and I can’t wait. They’re not going to make America great except for a small, rich, powerful group of scumbags who cannot wait to resume the frenzied orgy of gutting any Federal regulation stopping them from raping and pillaging us all that began during Reagan’s years and accelerated during George W. Bush years and damn near led to our complete financial collapse.

But YOU elected this motherfucker, so when things start to crumble—and they will because we’ve witnessed this before and it NEVER ends well—I will be on the forefront of constantly reminding you fucking creeps who voted for this vile human being. Under Reagan, de-regulating the Savings and Loan industry led to Reagan’s rich fucktard buddies sucking the life out of these kinds of banks until, of course, the American taxpayer had to “rescue” this industry via the Resolution Trust Corporation. We need not discuss the financial crisis of 2008 as it’s corpse is still warm. And so on.

And here we go again.

1 thought on “Trump Doom Step 1: Gut the EPA

  1. The Republicans are like a bunch of jackals as they just can’t wait to inflict their fury on the American government which will look like a gazelle carcass after a few months out of the Serengeti.

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