Bullshit Meme Du Jour

Steve Schmidt, tubby, lispy jackass, former campaign manager for John McCain’s losing Presidential bid in 2008, on why the lumpen idiot white males in the Rust Belt voted for Trump:

Steve Schmidt, political “expert.” This look of clueless gravitas is so common among the morons of the media chattering class. Expert my ass. His guy McCain got his ass handed to him by a black man in 2008.

SCHMIDT: It’s over. It’s something new. And I don’t know quite what that looks like over time. But don’t underestimate the cultural condescension heaped on millions of these working class Americans by elites in this country. Their God is mocked. Their service to the country is mocked. The fact that their patriotism, they get teary eyed when they see the flag. Their values are scorned and you saw this massive resentment manifest itself in this campaign and it’s a huge part of it.

Here’s the problem with your babbling theory, you pompous douchebag: Liberals have since the crash of 2008 been desperately trying to pass legislation to provide job training, cheaper education, and other means to uplift the undereducated and underemployed lumpen masses in the Rust Belt. Plus pass programs to promote job growth in these depressed areas. The Tea Party nihilist fanatics in Congress denied and obstructed every attempt to uplift these people, of course mainly to keep the tax bill of the Koch brothers lower. How convenient that you and so many other babbling twits in the media failed to report this to these millions of sad, underperforming working folk in the Rust Belt just exactly who fucked them. But, please, carry on, fatty, with this specious pile of horseshit. Mention snobby Liberal elites. Throw in Benghazi. Dirty Mexicans. Hillary’s email. But for fuck’s sake don’t blame the obstructionist Republicans who really fucked the Rust Belt underclass who swarmed to vote for their false hero, Generalissimo Trump.

With political “experts” like this, it’s no wonder our public discourse is so monumentally fucked up. This slobbering rat turd is unqualified to offer expertise on how to wipe an ass.

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