Rudy: The Slobbering Slithering Sophist of Sleaze


Rudy, Rudy, Rudy, unctuous opportunist, sleazy slobbering slithering shameless sophist (imagine the spittle Rudy would spew with that alliteration), vile human being extraordinaire, cunt, creep, villain.

How do we explain to our grandchildren about how America’s flawed Presidential electoral system vaulted Donald Trump to the Presidency? How could a barely literate, moral degenerate of a man win so many votes, he who not once proposed a shard of substantive public policy agenda in 15 months of relentless campaigning, I mean none at all other than to castigate Mexicans and other minorities, belittle and demonize Hillary, treat women like blow-up sex dolls, and vaguely wax philosophical about “Making America Great Again” minus any of the hundreds, no, thousands, of details on how this would actually take place?

Then there were Donald’s “surrogates,” chief among them this putrid pile of rotted flesh named Rudy Giuliani, whose every utterance begins, as Joe Biden quipped so brilliantly, “with a noun, verb, and 9/11.” Rudy’s every utterance is also copiously complemented by his lisping, drooling, hissing verbal delivery, making one wonder where all that spittle he spews smacks those in close proximity. He is, to me, one of the most repugnant public figures in the USA, a puss-filled, festering sore on the ass of America that simply will not heal or go away. His penchant for lying and skull-fucking facts is the stuff of legend, and even Rudy himself cannot contain his mirth over some of the shamelessly, luridly, monumentally specious horseshit he babbles. And just when you thought this vile creep has sunk to the most abjectly low depths of depravity imaginable, he stuns your imagination by sinking lower than is abstractly possible to fathom. He’s just fucking horrible.

The problem with left-leaning Liberals and Progressives, if it is really a problem, is that many are just not ruthless people who are willing to compromise their intellectual values and personal ethics to viciously, speciously, and relentlessly berate and demonize the other side with the kind of bawdy hyperbole and shamelessly over-the-top rhetoric like Rudy can do with such reckless hubris. Wanton slander and sneering character assassination are to Rudy valid debate tactics. What really makes him so vile is the almost winking, smirking, knowing expressions he uses to let you know he’s just “playing the game of thrones,” that it’s all political theater and he relishes the role as Iago the Villainous Cunt for the fanatical Alt-Right, woman-abusing, racist, homophobic fascists.

Rudy is the master of the slanderous false meme. Lying so shamelessly evokes not a moment of guilt in his conscience. To gain a cheap political point this bastard would declare his mother a cocksucking street whore. In the next breath he’d declare her a saintly cocksucker nonetheless.

Yet because Donald won with the rigged Electoral College despite losing the popular vote, Rudy will probably be offered a sweet gig in Donnie’s Cabinet, maybe Attorney General.

How utterly depressing, America, and how low we’ve sunk, that this creep will have so much power over us.

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