Go With Joe

There is only one sane, logical, and substantive choice now for President of the United States: Joe Biden.

Bernie: I love him and his ideas, grit, honesty, and passion. But Democrats have spoken.

Liz Warren: I love her, her warmth and compassion, brilliance, strong moral character, and superb leadership in the Senate. But Democrats have spoken.

Mayor Pete: What a great campaign this smart, cool, passionate, and absolutely lovable gentleman ran! But Democrats have spoken.

Democrats have chosen Joe Biden to beat Trump this coming November and I am perfectly comfortable with this decision. We need to rally every possible Democratic voter to not only vote for Joe Biden, but for every Democratic Senate and US Representative candidate in our states and Congressional districts. While we’re at it, Democrats need to take back their respective and state and local governments. It’s time for a clean sweep.

Trump is a much worse pathogen than the coronavirus. He’s poisonous, monumentally stupid, and a massively destructive megalomaniac. The man has to go before our democracy, our freedom, and our citizenry are flushed down his gilded toilet like his daily massive turds. The man is a gigantic wrecking ball that is crushing and dismantling everything we hold dear about the USA.

Trump supporters, please go away from my blog, you are not welcome, moreover any comments you put here won’t make it beyond the review queue. I am sick and tired of listening to you; hell, I am sick of looking at you, you deluded morons. It’s like you are suicidal and want our country to fail and fall into a totalitarian state run by vicious and greedy strongmen who usurp all Constitutional power and strip you of your freedoms. Vladimir Putin loves you because you are his useful idiots supporting his campaign of chaos and anti-democratic destruction. Your inability to accept science, reason, logic, and factual evidence is proof of your deformed intellectual abilities. What the fuck is wrong with you people?

Vote For Joe Biden.

I have spoken.

1 thought on “Go With Joe

  1. Biden will look like Pericles compared to Trump. He will also surround himself with competent people instead of sniveling sycophants and Yes men.

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