The True Pathogen in America

The most dangerous pathogen infecting America is not the COVID-19 virus. It’s stupidity. There is a rampant, virulent, and complete disassociation with logic, reason, factual evidence, and scientific method. We have tens of millions of citizens in the USA who are just downright stupid and frighteningly ignorant of the simplest facts.

Just bear witness to these folks in Michigan. They are like children who don’t understand even the simplest concepts of rational thought, logic, science, or reason. Not a single one of these dopes can name one element on the Periodic Chart. I am sure calculus and algebra are like foreign languages to them. Somehow our education system failed these people, although I suspect they failed themselves mostly.

Remember that old “country” aphorism, “Well, I ain’t book smart, but I got me loads of common sense.” These idiots lack common sense along with zero book learning. And they are armed, angry, and lashing out at imaginary demons. This makes them incredibly dangerous. Moreover, they are threatening their own safety gathering in large numbers wile this virulent pathogen COVID-19 is raging like a wildfire.

Just watch.

I honestly have nothing else to say. This could get ugly.

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