MATTHEW CHARLES “MAT” SCHECK is an automation engineer and freelance writer living in Philadelphia. He is a former US Army Medic who participated in the casualty recovery missions for two of the worst military disasters in the 1980s, the 1987 USS Stark Incident and the 1988 Flügtag Air Show Crash. Mr. Scheck is a staunch liberal Democrat who advocates a European-styled social democracy for the United States. His greatest influence is the Canadian novelist and philosopher John Ralston Saul, whose seminal work Voltaire’s Bastards is Mr. Scheck’s favorite book. When not working or writing, Mr. Scheck spends far too much time rooting for his beloved Philadelphia Phillies, Eagles, 76ers, and Flyers, and North London’s Arsenal Gunners. He also travels extensively for work and pleasure, which is made easier by his bachelor and childless status. Mr. Scheck loves urban living, bicycling, and the fact he hasn’t driven his car since September 2012. You may email Mr. Scheck at matthew.c.scheck@gmail.com

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  1. Matt,

    My brother-in-law Christepher DeAngelis was one of the 37 sailers that died on the USS STARK.I thank you for everything that you have done to bring him back home to his family.He told his fellow shipmates that he wanted to be burried at Arlington National Cemetary if any thing happened to him which he was.Please could you tell me if any of the bodies where identifiable or were they all disconfigured i have heard so many stories by you answering this it can put some clousure to it.

    Thank You,

  2. What’s up my brother. I am well. Just wanted to say Hi and hope everything is going well for you.

  3. Hey Hey Hey (say it like Re-Run)…I keep trying to reply to your e-mail and it keeps bouncing back. Why Why Why (say it like Nancy Kerrigan)

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